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The GoVision Difference

For over two decades, GoVision has epitomized the essence of “experience unrivaled.” Through unwavering dedication to client service and innovative solutions, GoVision has established itself as a cornerstone in providing unparalleled experiences for its partners and clients.

At the heart of GoVision’s success lies its unrelenting commitment to customer-centric innovation and cultivating long-term client relationships. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with unparalleled craftsmanship, GoVision empowers its partners to engage, entertain, and inspire audiences like never before. This dedication fosters trust and collaboration, enabling GoVision to anticipate and exceed the evolving needs of its partners as well as add innovative ideas to their projects.

One such testament to this enduring partnership is the 18-year affiliation with the CJ Cup Byron Nelson, whose journey with GoVision exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration. The journey began with a simple act of responsiveness during a moment of crisis. When adverse weather threatened to disrupt the tournament, our founder, Chris Curtis and the GoVision team swiftly intervened, offering a creative solution that not only salvaged the occasion but also laid the groundwork for future innovation. This pivotal moment marked the inception of a partnership built on trust, reliability, and a shared vision for delivering extraordinary experiences.

Over the years, GoVision’s creative prowess has continued to elevate the standard of live events, leaving an indelible mark on iconic venues and prestigious occasions. From the electrifying atmosphere of the CJ Cup Byron Nelson to the adrenaline-fueled races at Bristol Motor Speedway, GoVision’s ingenuity shines through in every bespoke solution it delivers.

The transformative impact of GoVision’s installations is perhaps best exemplified by the awe-inspiring Big Hoss (or Bigger Hoss)—a monumental achievement that redefines the concept of immersive entertainment. Unveiled in September, Bigger Hoss is 10% larger than its world record holding predecessor and truly gives meaning to “everything’s bigger in Texas” as it shines over the races at Texas Motor Speedway. Standing tall at 12 stories high and spanning over 200 feet wide, Big Hoss captivates audiences with its larger-than-life imagery, transcending the boundaries of traditional spectatorship.

Our dedication to client relationships truly shines in our partnership with LiveNation. Across the country, GoVision has installed 178 displays in 28 venues to immerse audiences even more. These larger-than-life images add to the amazement of concert-goers no matter the venue. This partnership allows for GoVision and LiveNation to work together to provide new and innovative technology tailored for the needs of each individual venue.

At the heart of every project is a collaborative spirit that thrives on pushing the boundaries of possibility. GoVision’s team of experts not only embraces the challenges presented by its partners but also seizes every opportunity to elevate the event experience to new heights. Whether it’s enhancing fan engagement or providing real-time insights, GoVision’s solutions are tailored to immerse audiences in the pulse of the action.

In essence, GoVision is more than a provider of services—it is a trusted ally, a creative force, and a true partner in every sense of the word. By aligning its vision with the aspirations of its clients, GoVision continues to redefine the landscape of live events, setting the stage for unparalleled experiences that resonate long after the curtains fall.

With the future on the horizon, one thing remains certain: with GoVision by your side, the possibilities are limitless, and the experiences are truly unrivaled.

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