2024, the Year of Upgrades

Starting this January and continuing through the Spring, GoVision’s mobile fleet is undergoing a major retrofit to upgrade our offered features and truly continue the new GoVision growth. We are retrofitting all mobile LED trucks and trailers within the GoTron, GoBig, and GoBigger categories with new screens that offer improved resolution and more viewing opportunities.

Our GoTron fleet will be entirely HD with each truck outfitted with a screen consisting of 737,000 pixels. By upgrading to a state-of-the-art 3.9mm pixel pitch, GoVision will offer a 480% increase in pixel quantity which contributes to improved resolution and a better viewing experience for any content from live sporting events to movies with a reliable direct sunlight visibility, adding to the experiences of spectators at any event a GoTron may find itself.

The fleet of GoBig trucks is also receiving a 550% increase in pixel quantity, leading to an even better resolution than our premier screens already offered. With our enhanced resolution, the screens now offer the ability for most content to be displayed in split screens, up to four separate quadrants, truly adding to the options for which customers can utilize. Our GoBigger fleet will also have the ability to have split screens in multiple configurations with an upgrade that will make our larger trucks 21% bigger with the upgrade to a 3.9mm (add size) screen. Interestingly, our upgraded screens will now offer higher resolution than many high-profile venue fixed install screens and will certainly be among the largest and highest resolution portable screens in the nation.

These truck retrofits will undoubtedly help make your event larger than life by delivering unrivaled experiences to events across the US.

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