Need Service & Repair

Unrivaled Service

Beyond innovation, we guarantee reliability. GoVison’s dedicated Service Department is on a mission to ensure your displays not only meet but exceed peak performance. From meticulous routine check- ups to lightning-fast troubleshooting, entrust us to keep your displays radiating brilliance.

On Site Service

Introducing the unparalleled expertise and dedication of GoVision’s all-new SERVICE group, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for your video display. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Nation-wide one-stop solution for all your display maintenance and repair needs.
  • Experienced team of industry veterans servicing a wide range of display manufacturers and types.
  • Flexible solutions tailored specifically to your display requirements.
  • Capable of assisting with everything from resolving one-time outages to setting up comprehensive service plans.
  • Proven expertise that you can trust, promising minimal downtime and efficient resolutions.

Say goodbye to technical headaches and unnecessary downtime. With GoVision, you can welcome seamless service and unrivaled experience today. Make the smart choice for your display’s optimal performance and longevity.

Superior Repair Services

Welcome to GoVision’s REPAIR group, your trusted partner for solving all LED display issues. Our exceptional service guarantees the best solutions for your needs.
Here’s what we offer:

  • Expert resolution for common issues like flickering displays and bad pixels.
  • A team of professional technicians with over 30 years of combined LED repair experience.
  • Fast, reliable solutions that competitors simply can’t match.
  • Direct-to-consumer relationships, ensuring personalized and effective service.
  • Exclusive US service center for many industry-leading manufacturers.
  • Convenient location in Argyle, TX, saving you time and money that factory repair often demands.

When things go wrong with your LED display, put your trust in the experts at GoVision. Experience quality service that prioritizes your needs and guarantees satisfaction.