Empowering Communities: GoVision’s GoForward Program Celebrates Two Decades of Giving Back

At GoVision, we are deeply committed to enriching the lives of our employees, clients, and the broader community. For over two decades, we’ve been fortunate to work with exceptional clients, participate in world-class events, and nurture a dedicated and skilled team that we proudly consider our “family.” This success has imbued the GoVision leadership with a profound sense of responsibility to pay it forward.

Aligned with the recent reacquisition of our company, we are thrilled to re-launch the GoForward Program. This initiative earmarks a portion of our profits for reinvestment in the communities where our employees live, supporting deserving causes and charities. We invite you to learn more about the GoForward Program’s impactful contributions to local families.

The essence of GoForward lies in rewarding not just our team members, but also the communities we are a part of. Each year, we celebrate the work anniversary of our staff with a “GoVersary” celebration. During this event, employees receive a cash bonus for each year of service, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to GoVision and our clients. In a gesture of double recognition, GoVision matches each GoVersary bonus, offering an equivalent amount for employees to donate to a cause close to their hearts. This approach has led to generous donations to local families, community programs, churches, charities, and schools, reflecting the diverse interests and compassionate spirit of our team.

GoForward allows every team member to actively participate in the act of giving, embodying GoVision’s philosophy that successful entities must share their fortunes with their workforce and local communities. Furthermore, it represents a commitment to our valued clients that their partnership with GoVision extends beyond business, contributing to meaningful social causes. Since the revival of GoForward in June 2023, our employees have generously donated nearly $10,000 to various worthy causes. As we celebrate more GoVersaries each month, we anticipate amplifying our positive impact nationwide, fostering a culture of generosity and community responsibility across our entire organization.

Stay tuned for more updates in our upcoming newsletters, where we will spotlight the charities and families that have been transformed by the GoForward Program. The journey of giving and community engagement at GoVision continues.

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