Permanent Solutions

Immerse your spaces in timeless brilliance with GoVision’s Permanent Solutions. Our expertise in crafting immersive LED display solutions for permanent installations goes beyond illumination – we transform environments into dynamic visual experiences that captivate and engage.

Toyota Music Factory Case Study

Live Nation’s newest performance venue was designed as a unique indoor/ outdoor performance venue as part of a growing entertainment complex in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. With the venue’s ability to convert from a cozy indoor venue to a marvelous outdoor performance amphitheater, the venue possessed extremely unique video needs. The “indoor” venue needed screens high resolution enough for an indoor application, but also bright enough to overcome direct sunlight when the doors are opened for the “outdoor” application. Additionally, Live Nation desired the ability to deconstruct and remove the screens and move them to different areas of the venue to accommodate various artists and venue uses.  

Enter GoVision. Utilizing our vast video touring experience and history of working with other Live Nation venues, GoVision designed, engineered and installed a highly functional video screen system to meet the venue’s various needs. Utilizing the versatile GV10 video tile system, GoVision was able to design the Music Factory’s video system with a high resolution 10mm, Indoor/outdoor product that looked great in an indoor setting, but also performs extremely well in an outdoor environment by delivering over 5,000 nits of sun overcoming brightness. Moreover, the GV10 panels. 

Verizon Theatre Case Study

The Verizon Theater (originally opened in 2002) was managing their patron video presentations with older difficult to operate equipment. Seeking an upgrade, Verizon Theater tasked GoVision to fully upgrade every aspect of their video production system, starting with upgrading the video screens, then the entire camera live production package. 

As an added challenge, the venue needed the flexibility to remove or move the video screens as artists and productions required.  

To fully meet the client expectations, GoVision had to consider the project specifications as well as the service aspect of the screens. GoVision utilized its experience in the rental, show, and concert world to design a system that exceeded all of the needs of the venue. GoVision installed two matching high-resolution video screens, flanking the stage left and right, to replace the outdated front projection systems. To compliment the video screens, GoVision upgraded the standard definition camera system to high-definition camera system, then converted the older standard definition cable runs to high-definition capability. Moreover, GoVision outfitted the existing control room with everything needed to produce, direct, record and stream all of their live events. With the upgrade of the video equipment and production control room, the venue was able to produce better quality, higher resolution shows while virtually removing any latency from the live show to the video screens.